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Are your university or college audiences tough to please? Are you looking for an event on your campus that is guaranteed to be an outstanding success? If the answer is yes - then international university and college campus, entertainer and illusionist Leon Etienne is your solution.

Leon's shows have been packing campus theaters and auditoriums across the country to rave reviews. Blending magic, humor, and live audience participation, Leon Etienne will keep your college audience captivated and entertained. His mix of energetic illusions and comedy are sure to create a truly memorable and successful event for your college campus.

Leon's multi-award winning shows include:

  1. Magic Rocks! A spectacular theatrical illusion production.
  2. Deluxe Campus Illusion & Comedy Show. Featuring two incredible theatrical illusions
  3. Campus Illusion & Comedy Show.

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Winner - 2001, 2002, 2003 Magician of the Year
Winner - 2011 Campus Entertainer of the Year
Winner - Stage Magic Champion
Winner - 2015 Penn and Teller: Fool Us as seen on The CW
Winner - 2015 Wizard Wars as seen on Syfy Channel

University & College Activity Programmer Reviews!

They experienced TREMENDOUS EVENT SUCCESS when they hired Leon! YOU can experience the SAME RESULTS!!!

"Leon did a FANTASTIC job performing for us at our freshman orientation program. He was intriguing, funny, and he completely had the attention of all the students in the room. I highly recommend him to other colleges and universities!" — Tennille Haynes, Center for Leadership and Student Involvement, Colgate University

"Leon's show was incredible - we had a great crowd! Both our students and myself could not be any more pleased with Leon and his performance.— Bill Dustin, Campus Event Coordinator, Mohawk Valley Community College

"MIIINNNNDDDDDD BBBLLLOOOOOOWWWWWNNNNN!!!! Awesome performance. You did a GREAT JOB!!!"— Corey Spaw, Student Activities, Penn State Fayette, Lemont Furnace, PA

"I had SOO much FUN at your show! Thanks Leon. You were amazing!"— Allie Billington, Student Activities Board, Hartwick College

"We just had Leon at Wheaton College AWESOME fun, it was a PACKED show, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to other campuses!"— Jane, Student Activities, Wheaton College

"Leon was so EASY TO WORK WITH and very ACCOMODATING. He made our students LAUGH almost as much as he HAD THEM AMAZED. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to other schools that are looking for a GUARANTEED SUCCESS!"— Brent Papson, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Susquehanna University

"Working with Leon was a GREAT EXPERIENCE! He intrigued the potential audience at our annual Family Day dinner, and we had a GREAT TURN OUT later that night at the actual show. The audience was DAZZLED by his IMPRESSIVE illusions! The feedback after the event was very positive and we would definitely recommend him for future shows!"— Hailie Fowler, Illinois College '12, SAB Special Events Committee Co-Chairperson

"THANK YOU for opening our New Student Orientation! We all LOVED your entire show; you got the CROWD ENERGIZED, shared your story and experiences and most of all you made connections to college/being an MVCC student throughout the show. You have REMARKABLE STAGE PRESENCE. You were THE PERFECT ADDITION to New Student Orientation programming. We had great reviews from students as well as the staff that was in attendance including President VanWagoner & Dean Quest of the Rome Campus."— Carla Zupancic, New Student Orientation Leader, MVCC, Utica, NY

"GREAT show! Amazing, CRAZY!!! I Hope to have you on campus again!"— Allie Billington, Hartwick Campus Activites Board, Hartwick College

"Leon was so ENTERTAINING, the audience was erupting with LAUGHTER. His IMPRESSIVE tricks, audience INTERACTION, CHARISMA and humor make for and OUTSTANDING SHOW!"— Cherise Brown, Director of Student Activities, University of Maine at Fort Kent

"Leon was a HIT!!!! Amazing. Our students LOVED it. BOOK HIM!!!"— Erin Fox, Director of Student Engagement, Guilford College

"Leon performed a GREAT SHOW here. You have to have Leon on YOUR CAMPUS. He makes it fun, engaging and extremely entertaining for the students which makes MY JOB EASY!"— Adrianna Mayson, Director of Student Activities, SUNY Sullivan

"BRILLIANT, Tricks I haven't seen anywhere else. NOBODY BETTER. Highly Recommended"— Damion Larkins, Co-Chair Campus Activities Board, Finger Lakes College

"Leon was awesome. His tricks were amazing and our students really really LOVED IT. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him for your campus!— Steven Moran, Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Leadership, Guilford College

"We PACKED the house! Our students were treated to an AMAZING show."— Ricki Uncara, Student Activities Office, Mount Ida College

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you book Leon. He got the job done!"— Jorge Lopez, Co-Chair Campus Activities Board, Finger Lakes College

"The crowd's expectations were NOT DISAPOINTED in the least as LOUD LAUGHTER and the occasional "NU-UH!" and "NO FREAKIN' WAY!" were heard amongst Leon's tricks and treats. All agreed that the show was ENTERTAININGFUNNY and UNBELIEVEABLE."— Megan Collins, Newspaper Reporter, Frostburg State University, MD

University & College Student Reviews!

"Leon kept things entertaining. There were NO DULL moments. He had me LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF to the point of ALMOST CRYING! FASCANITING!!!— Megan Fisher, Student, Frostburg State University, MD

"CUTE. FUNNY. MAGICAL. My DREAMS just CAME TRUE!!!"— Briana Bobbie Watson, Student, Frostburg State University

"That was FAR FROM the cliché card trick UNBELIEVABLE!"— Thomas Simmons, Student Frostburg State University

"Leon rocks! His personality and humor really connected with me and my friends and his magic was better than the magic of those guys on TV. He's the one who should be on TV!"— Adam Ruskowski, Student, Utica College

"Amazing stuff! Just when my friends and I thought we were onto Leon, he blew our minds!"— Greg Jasinski, Student, Syracuse University

"One of the FUNNIEST things I HAVE EVER SEEN. I LOVED the MAGIC!"Tessa Teets, Student, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

"You are LEGIT!!! I really ENJOYED your show!! SIMPLY AMAZING!!!"— Alicia Williams, Student, Penn State Fayette, Lemont Furnace, PA

"Is he a comedian or an illusionist? BEST of BOTH worlds! What an AWESOME way to end WELCOME WEEK at Hartwick!"— Jillian Malnati, Student, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

"You ROCK! Your look is HOT and so are your ILLUSIONSI LOVED IT!"— Alix Kaminsky, Student, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

"This dude is the BOMB!!! He can PUKE CARDS on command!"— Chelsea Vigna, Student, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

"You were A-FREAKING-MAZING last night! If you ever have the chance to see Leon perform YOU BEST DO IT!"— Ley Wynn, Student, Hartwick College

"My MIND was just BLOWN roughly 349,857 Times!!! MADE MY NIGHT!"— Victoria Pascuzzi, Student, Niagara University

"I'm gonna be honest…You sir BLEW MY MIND! Great performance!"— Garrett Sisson, Student, LeMoyne College

"I saw your show for the second time last night. YOU HAVE YET TO DISAPPOINT! I loved it! You're amazing!"— Jordon Fernandez, Student, Hartwick College

"Such an AMAZING show! Fun to watch! Leon you are a great magician!"— Nicole Shutowich, Student, LeMoyne College

"Very ENTERTAINING! Thank you."— Cynthia Calabrese, Student, LeMoyne College

"MAGIC with Soda! Finger Guns! Best Dressed Illusionist ever! BRILLIANCE in Stage Performance!"— Andy Stocker, Student, Emerson College

"BEST Magic SHOW OF ALL TIME!"— Alex Frapech, Student, Emerson College

"This dude is TALENTED!!!!"— James Canal, Student, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

"Leon your show was AMAZING last night! If I could I would seriously SEE YOU OVER AND OVER! You were AMAZING! I haven't been that MIND FUxKED in forever! Your show blew me out of the water!"— Jordan Fernandez, Student, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

"Your show was so INTERESTING that DESPITE MY EXPLODING BLADDER I REFUSED to LEAVE in fear of MISSING something!"— Melanie Suchy, Student, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

"Leon! You were extremely amazing! INSPIRATIONAL!"— Chris Giraldo, Student, St. Peter's University, Jersey City, NJ

"THANK YOU so much from coming to Monroe Community College out in Rochester, NY! I loved your show so much, MIND BLOWING!"— Michelle Intschert, Student, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

"Your show was awesome! You definitely need to COME BACK AGAIN next year!"— Megan Fisher Student, Frostburg State University

"Thanks for the BRUISE ON MY CHIN from making me DROP MY JAW so much!!!"— Rachel Dwyer, Student, Frostburg State University

"He just made it rain in here. This guy would kill in Vegas. Okay. Mind = Blown!!!!! I FEEL LIKE I AM 7 AGAIN. Thank you Leon."— Michael NightWing McNair, Student, Frostburg State University

"May or may not be in LOVE!!! Anyone that can keep me LAUGHING that long def deserves my heart! YOU GOT ME.... I'm stumped. Thanks for visiting us! It was a great show and I had an amazing time! come back again!!"— Kori Hassler, Student, Frostburg State University

COOL tricks and funny too! I feel LIKE A BIG KID, I am really enjoyed this show!— Raven La'Shay, Student, Frostburg State University

"LOL HILARIOUS! Great show!"— Carolyn Maxim, Student, Frostburg State

"GREAT show! I REALLY ENJOYED it!!!!"— Harry Thompson, Student RA, University of Maine Machias, ME

"I have NEVER had so much sober FUN in my life!"— Rachel Dwyer, Student, Frostburg State University

"CRRAAAAZZZZZYYYY show at HCC now come back and make my homework disappear!!!!"— Stephanie Armstrong, Student, Holyoke College

"Your show at fsu was HILARIOUS!!! Great job!"— Jonathan Laubach, Student, Frostburg State University

"My mental virginity has been taken from me. This guy is INSANE!!! Definitely amazing, keep up the good work and i really hope i can see you perform again!"— Kavon Cuffie, Student Frostburg State University

"You look like the guy from scrubs, but you're actually FUNNY and you DO NOT SUCK!"— Russell Clark, Student, Frostburg State University

"Okay MIND has been BLOWN!! Your SHOW ROCKS more every time I see it!!!"— Jared Ward, Student, Hartwick College

"You were AMAZINGGGGGG!!!"— Danielle Weaver, Student, Hartwick College

"You were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!"— -Jordan Hunter, Student, Finger Lakes College

"I hope to see you perform here again. You are AWESOME and your show TREMENDOUS!!!"— Barbara Montmeny, Student, Holyoke College

"I loved your show. I hope you can come back. Your showmanship was AWESOME and the illusions were AMAZING!!!"— -Shauntavia Sanjurjo, Student, Rochester Institute of Technology

"You were AWESOME! BRAVO!— Luis Figueroa, Student, Rochester Institute of Technology

"Your show was AMAZING tonight! Thanks for an WONDERFUL show!"— Alesha May, Student, Rochester Institute of Technology

"I LOVED your show! Definitely the BEST show EVER!"— Benjamin Martin, Student, SUNY Geneseo

"You FUxKed my MIND!"— John Salvatore, Student, Neumann University

"Amazing show! Thank you."— Rell Vaughn, Student SUNY Sullivan

"Dude your magic marker, crazy card, money folding AWESOME!!! LOVED IT!"— Arie Hilts, Student SUNY Sullivan

"Thanks for coming to HCC the other day your awesome...your freaking AWESOME!!!"— Cory Benoit, Student, Holyoke College

"Leon you are the BEST Illusionist! My Mind is BLOWN!!!— Joe Russell, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA

"Amazing Show!!!"— Judy Sima, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA

"Amazing performance at Husson University! I hope to see you again in the very near future! YOU HAVE to see this guy. AMAZING ILLUSIONS and HILARIOUS ACT!"— Sheldon Greene, Husson University, Bangor ME

"GREAT show! Thank you for coming to Chestnut Hill!"— Nikki Spano, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA

"Great show last night! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND other University book you! You are AMAZING!"— Mike Morey, Husson University, Bangor ME

"Leon you made my night tonight at Husson University! You are TRULY AMAZING!!!"— Tierra Cooke, Husson University, Bangor ME

"AWESOME show! MIND=BLOWN. Feels like I just watched inception again!"— Joshua Pure, Husson University, Bangor ME

"THANK YOU for the AWESOME show! It was WONDEFUL!!!"— Helen Crawford, Student, University of Maine Machais, ME

"AWESOME, You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing your gift. Keep on making the world laugh and wonder."— Sylvia Martin, Student, University of Maine Fort Kent

"THANK YOU for coming to wells college and leaving some swag here!"— Chris Ferraro, Student, Wells College

"I really LOVED your Show. Thanks for coming to University of Maine Machias!"— Lauren Cousins, Student, University of Maine Machias

Some of the Colleges and Universities that experienced TREMENDOUS EVENT SUCCESS when they hired Leon! YOU can experience the SAME RESULTS!!!

  • Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
  • Utica College, Utica, NY
  • Boston University
  • Minnesota State University
  • Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Chetham University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • DeVry University, North Brunswick, NJ
  • Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY
  • Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, OH
  • Columbia College
  • Wingate University, Wingate, NC
  • University of Maine
  • State University of New York
  • Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ
  • Penn State
  • Kean University, Union, NJ
  • Emmerson College
  • Lindenwood University
  • Chestnut Hill College
  • Columbia-Greene Community College, NY
  • Culinary Institute of America
  • Edison Community College, Piqua, OH
  • Fairleigh-Dickinson University, Teanick, NJ
  • Fernwood Resort,& Casino Event Center, Stroudsburg, PA
  • Finger Lakes Community College, Canandaigua, NY
  • Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD
  • Fulton-Montgomery Community College, Johnstown, NY
  • Guilford College, Greensboro, NC
  • Herkimer County Community College, Herkimer, NY
  • Hilbert College, Hamburg, NY
  • Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, MA
  • Husson University, Bangor, ME
  • Illinois College, Jacksonville, IL
  • LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY
  • Neumann University, Aston, PA
  • North Country Community College, Saranac Lake, NY
  • Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY
  • Mount Ida College, Newton, MA
  • Penn State Fayette, Uniontown, PA
  • Penn State York, York, PA
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
  • Saint Elizabeth's College, Utica, NY
  • Saint Peters University, Jersey City, NJ
  • State University of New York Geneseo, Geneseo, NY
  • State University of New York Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake, NY
  • Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA
  • University of Maine at Augusta, Augusta, ME
  • University of Maine at Fort Kent, Fort Kent, ME
  • Wheaton College, Norton, MA


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